John Ferullo is a songwriter and performer based in New England. His songs are real stories of real people.   

He has  been playing his  own songs  and other's  folk and acoustic music in coffee houses, restaurants, outdoor events, bars and anywhere else for about ten years.  His  music is influenced by Woody Guthrie, Bill Morrissey, Steve Goodman, Greg Brown, John Hurt and many others. 

John also runs an open mike twice a month in Westford Ma. 

Coming up at the Open mike:


Gerry Ryan and Alex Rosiewicz 


Roberta Lamb


No Open Mike


Stefilia’s Stone.


Junko Ogawa


Cosy Sheridan


Jon Swenson

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Some YouTube videos:

John Maclean and me swapping songs on Studio Sessions Live:


Ric Page and me swapping songs at The Hearing Room in Lowell.